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The Real Impact of a Powerful Posture

Scientific article showing the hormonal impact of a powerful posture, increasing confidence and reducing stress. Simply holding one’s body in expansive, “high-power” poses for as little as two minutes stimulates higher levels of testosterone (the hormone linked to power and dominance in the animal and human worlds) and lower levels of cortisol (the “stress” hormone that can, over time, cause impaired immune functioning, hypertension, and memory loss)., click here Tweet

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The Delusions of Leadership

The 3 Delusions of Leadership We all have the capacity to influence, inspire and empower others. Unfortunately Leaders often get in their own way. In this post you will learn to let go of the three dis-empowering delusions and discover that Leadership is easy. Delusion 1: Leadership is difficult and only exists in the gifted few It is often suggested that Leadership is difficult and that it is the preserve of the naturally gifted. This can be said about many things that require a high level of skill. For example, the naturally gifted athlete finds acquiring the skills to improve … More

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