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Coaching for Personal Best

What’s your personal best? Is it getting better? How do you know? What do you measure? There seems to be a bit of a mismatch between our attitudes to achieving excellence in sport and excellence in business. We’d think it strange if a top athlete or sports team didn’t have a coach. In fact the higher the level of performance expected, the more attention an athlete gets. Yet in business, it often seems that the higher up in an organisation one gets, the less attention we receive. A recent article in New Yorker magazine outlines a successful surgeon’s exploration of … More

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Leading Culture

Strategy and Business recently published an article about culture change. Unusually, the case study wasn’t about a company, but TV Chef Jamie Oliver’s project to improve eating habits in one of the unhealthiest cities in the US. The link to the full article is here. There are several things highlighted in the article that we recognise at RA as being relevant and important: Know the Culture Frequently leaders pay attention to their products and processes, but culture is left to fend for itself. Leader’s need to recognise how the existing culture shapes the actions of the workforce on a daily … More

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