About Us

We thought we’d tell you a bit about us…

Colin Reeve is recognised as a leading expert on leadership and change. He has recently been selected to feature in a leadership DVD sharing his wisdom on changing the way we change and lead.

Founder and MD of RA, Colin  works with the top talent and leaders from many FTSE 500 companies. He helps them maximise and release energy, potential and leadership.  He’s credited with helping develop vibrant cultures that result in inspired people and exceptional performance.

He’s a world class coach, helping business leaders and sports professionals greatly improve their performance and become leaders in their field.

He’s a Karate-do Master, who has moved beyond the grading system. He teaches around the world and is in demand as a recognised leader of the practice and thinking of this classical martial art.

As a business speaker, Colin uses his wisdom and immense talent to engage and help organisations tap into the motivation, passion and inspiration of their people.

Colin is an NLP Master Trainer and Master Coach and is a Fellow of the CIPD.

His book, The Way of Artistry & Grace, is a distillation of a lifetime of sports and business coaching and expertise. His brand new book, Practice of Possibility, explores how to lead a fulfilling rather than simply a full life. The practical principles provide an exciting journey to self awareness and discovery which have been proven to work in the contexts of business, leadership and influence.

Mark West spent 10 years in senior management positions, operating as a General Manager of a multi-national, multi-site service organisation. He has also managed customer  service, installation, production, purchasing and logistics teams as an Operations Director. As Business Development Manager, Mark was responsible for the International sales of a £10million revenue product range and worked extensively in an international environment. Mark began his formal business career as a Finance Professional in a global pharmaceuticals corporation.

Mark has an MBA from Henley Management College, a top 5 European Business School and has studied NLP at the University of California with Robert Dilts, gaining qualifications at the highest levels.

As a consultant, Mark has lead significant leadership and development initiatives for Avery Dennison, Groupama, Heinz, Invesco, HP, Leisure Connection, LSDA, MTV, NDS and P&G.

As well as consulting in organisational performance, Mark has also practised Karate-do for more than 30 years.

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