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Coaching for Personal Best

What’s your personal best? Is it getting better? How do you know? What do you measure? There seems to be a bit of a mismatch between our attitudes to achieving excellence in sport and excellence in business. We’d think it strange if a top athlete or sports team didn’t have a coach. In fact the higher the level of performance expected, the more attention an athlete gets. Yet in business, it often seems that the higher up in an organisation one gets, the less attention we receive. A recent article in New Yorker magazine outlines a successful surgeon’s exploration of … More

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Leadership Conversations – Part 3 of 3

Leadership is Embodied For many of us Leadership is most obviously needed in formal situations – presentations, team meetings and appraisals. For example, when presenting we probably spend a long time ensuring that our slides are really slick and that we know exactly what to say. Unfortunately, most people will not take much notice of all of this preparation. What they’ll be noticing is whether they find you credible, convincing and compelling. They’ll be making this judgement, not based on what you say, but about how you say it and who you are while you’re saying it! This will also … More

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Coaches Must Master Energy

There is a new imperative for coaches – and that is to help leaders and managers understand how to release the energy of their people and their teams. I’m talking here about that sort of energy that’s characterised by people’s full engagement in work, by the momentum that becomes apparent when employees bring a positive attitude to work, and by the vibrancy that exists within an organisation when energy is flowing freely. Indeed, it is my contention that there is nothing as important to a leader as their awareness of energy and their ability to help that energy to flow. … More

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