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Leadership beyond fear

An interview with Margaret Wheatley was published in strategy+business recently. Known for her ground-breaking work ‘Leadership and the New Science’,  Meg expands on her views of what enables Leadership in today’s difficult times. The full interview is here The interview raises a few points that we at RA would like to explore further. In times of crisis and austerity, it seems common for organisations to go down the command and control route of management. It feels safe and it feels secure for managers to get a tight rein on their area of responsibility and there is no doubt some truth … More

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Leading Culture

Strategy and Business recently published an article about culture change. Unusually, the case study wasn’t about a company, but TV Chef Jamie Oliver’s project to improve eating habits in one of the unhealthiest cities in the US. The link to the full article is here. There are several things highlighted in the article that we recognise at RA as being relevant and important: Know the Culture Frequently leaders pay attention to their products and processes, but culture is left to fend for itself. Leader’s need to recognise how the existing culture shapes the actions of the workforce on a daily … More

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Wonder of Leadership II

Nearly 2000 people have already read this next instalment in the Wonder of Leadership series, by Colin Reeve. We have become lazy. We are living in the most unpredictable time in our history and we need all the resources available to us to stay with it and be successful. One of our greatest resources is our ability to think and to imagine what is possible – without this there is no new action and we spiral down into our old, comfortable and often out-dated ways of thinking and being. We have become lazy thinkers. We read newspapers with big headlines … More

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Tools For Personal and Organisational Change

‘That’s the way we used to do things around here’ is a great article that explores the link between how the brain works and how we can change, personally and as an organisation. To summarise some of the key points from the article: Habits are hard to change because of the way the brain manages them, but Neural connections are highly plastic, so even the most entrenched thought patterns can be changed Attention can re-wire people’s thinking habits In focussing attention, positive reinforcement has power Cultivating cognitive veto-power can override our impulses Our capability to pay attention needs to be built … More

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Embodied Leadership

Embodied Leadership In today’s fast paced, impatient and often stressful world, Leaders need to find a way of being and leading that liberates people to contribute their unique talents  willingly – thereby giving us all the resources, of all the people, all of the time. During RA’s 20 years as global Leadership Consultants and our combined 100 years practicing and teaching Karate-do, we have learned that there are four energies available to people that, when awakened, can be blended into one incredible force. Not only does this blend offer outstanding high performance, but more importantly, it creates sustainable ‘Healthy High … More

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The Wonder of Leadership

Transforms Organisations, Leaders and Followers Over 30 years as a Leadership Consultant working with many different people in many different organisations and in many different countries.  I’m still I’m in awe of those who develop and practice the habits of leading and the absolutely outstanding results they achieve. I think first we should distinguish between business and strategic leadership and the leading of people to outstanding performance and into a state of possibility. The decisions made to steer an organisation through this most unpredictable, fast moving and impatient business environment are not the ones that change morale, increase energy, liberate … More

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Leadership Conversations – Part 3 of 3

Leadership is Embodied For many of us Leadership is most obviously needed in formal situations – presentations, team meetings and appraisals. For example, when presenting we probably spend a long time ensuring that our slides are really slick and that we know exactly what to say. Unfortunately, most people will not take much notice of all of this preparation. What they’ll be noticing is whether they find you credible, convincing and compelling. They’ll be making this judgement, not based on what you say, but about how you say it and who you are while you’re saying it! This will also … More

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Leadership in Every Conversation – Part 2 of 3

Leadership is about possibility Going back to Bill and Julie at the coffee machine, what do we talk about? Well, we can talk about what they’ve been doing recently, what they’re about to do and about how it feeds the picture of success that we then paint together. We link the resources at their disposal to the relevant skills they have. We create a bond between their values and the purpose of the team. It’s no accident that the word ‘Vision’ relates to something that you can see! So every conversation is an opportunity to lead a colleague, a member … More

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Achieving Goals

Professor Richard Wiseman, in his book 59 Seconds, shares the results of his large scale scientific study into the psychology of motivation. The research showed the following 5 tools are the ones that significantly increases the likelihood of people successfully achieving their goals. Have a plan and break it down into a series of sub-goals which helps remove fear and hesitation. Stating your aim is the start but does not by itself lead to success; by explaining how you intend to achieve your goa, makes success much more likely. Make the sub-goals concrete, measurable and time based. Tell others about your goal … More

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The Delusions of Leadership

The 3 Delusions of Leadership We all have the capacity to influence, inspire and empower others. Unfortunately Leaders often get in their own way. In this post you will learn to let go of the three dis-empowering delusions and discover that Leadership is easy. Delusion 1: Leadership is difficult and only exists in the gifted few It is often suggested that Leadership is difficult and that it is the preserve of the naturally gifted. This can be said about many things that require a high level of skill. For example, the naturally gifted athlete finds acquiring the skills to improve … More

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