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The way to achieve results – coaching for success

People are frequently promoted into management responsibility because of their technical expertise but then discover that their new role requires them to achieve results through others. So how do they grow and motivate people in line with the needs of the business? The answer is to invest in developing their own professional and personal skills, often incorporating coaching support, allowing them to realise more of their own potential and enhance the performance of their direct reports.

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Championing high performance

Coaching results in increased self awareness, creation of choices and milestones whilst working towards an agreed action plan. It’s an outcome-focused conversation designed to awaken possibility, release potential and remove barriers. In brief, the coach uses clear and insightful questions to guide the participant through a process of exploration in order to clarify outcomes, raise awareness and generate choice. Such a process is extraordinarily powerful for high performance because it enables the individual to access their own creative resources and generate their own solutions. The mastery of coaching rests in building the relationship, truly understanding that almost any breakthrough can be made and holding the participant accountable for their own desired future.

RA performance breakthroughs

RA has been coaching leaders and teams in industry, business and sport for over 25 years. Our work includes coaching skills programmes and embedding a coaching culture, coaching master classes and 1:1 coaching. Our intent with coaching is always to ensure that managers recognise exactly what they and others can achieve through coaching. The result… exceptional performance breakthroughs for managers and their people and frequently, the introduction of dynamic new leadership cultures where coaching becomes part of ‘the way we do things around here’.

                      Leadership and Coaching Workshops                       Leadership and Coaching Workshops

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