Conference Facilitation

Conference FacilitationTurning your business goals into an adventure and your people into heroes

Engaging everyone in success thinking and action

When an organisation or team draws their people together in a conference scenario, the focus is often on communicating news and results. In a time pressured environment, where time literally is money, this gathering of talent provides a magnificent opportunity to inspire, engage and provoke the good thinking of your people.

Inspiring Teams

Our conferences provide a platform in which to gather and focus the energy of your people and transform it into tangible results; to trigger different ways of thinking, acting and feeling in an exciting and transformational environment. The ability to engage your people in an adventure, provided by your business challenges, that allow your people to become heroes, gathering supporters, transforming demons and returning home full of possibility.

RA: compelling conference facilitators

We facilitate conferences for many global organisations including BP, Heinz, Avery Dennison, Sellafield and Eriksson. Our unique approach combines learning from leadership, Karate-do & NLP, designed around your key messages for maximum impact.

Colin Reeve, charismatic leadership consultant, radio speaker and author, has taught and practiced the classical martial art of Karate-do for 45 years. He travels world-wide helping organisations release more leadership, passion and energy into their business. His conferences are dynamic and unforgettable.

“Recently I heard Colin on BBC Radio talking about creating healthy high performance applying the principles from the practice of Karate-do. This led me to hiring him for my conference at work – Colin led over 100 people in creating a healthy high performance environment in our business. He demonstrated how energy operates in people and in organisations. Throughout the session, Colin used practices from Karate-do to demonstrate the 4 energies: those of the muscles, motivation, passion and inspiration and he fully engaged the team in this learning.  This powerful short session left my staff motivated and inspired – not only at a business level but also personally.  This was an amazing session which was highly interactive and full of energy.  Colin is a very unique and gifted person and we were privileged to have some of his time.”

Parvaiz Ahsan President of EMEIA Global Technology Company

To chat with us about your conference needs, get in touch here. To read more about Colin, click here.

Conference Facilitation


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