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Elegant Organisations

Those organisations that can enrol the talent, potential and energy of their people and focus it on their business directly increases efficiency and effectiveness and helps create ‘elegant organisations’. These are businesses to which people want to belong: energy flows into and around the business, processes are aligned with the desired results and people feel valued and want to contribute their effort, skill and experience.

Engagement and business performance

Making the link between engagement and business performance is critical; being able to demonstrate the measurable impact of engagement activities makes a compelling business case. Knowing your starting point is an important first step, but even more essential is knowing how to improve it and what the benefits will be for the business and the people within it. Many surveys have shown that people leave managers not organisations – ensuring your managers have the skills to positively impact on the engagement of their people and help them take personal responsibility for their performance are essential leadership traits.

RA’s approach

RA believe that every individual in every organisation has to take ownership for their performance and contribution. We help teams and businesses identify ways of opening people’s minds to possibility, to demonstrate self leadership and to be energised to give their discretionary effort to the organisation every day. We design compelling and engaging workshops for every level from shop floor to executive: customised programmes designed to deliver tangible performance improvements and release passion, inspiration and motivation into your business.

“I’ve had a couple of moments of facing my limiting beliefs and I’ve pushed myself beyond a boundary I thought existed An inspirational course with enthusiastic coaches and some very useful tools for management and life in general.” – Purchasing Manager

                      Engagement Workshops                       Engagement Workshops

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