NLP Wonder of Leadership Workshop *4-6th September *Surrey*

For all those who would like to increase their influence and presence by engaging their people whole heartedly in the pursuit of Learning, Change and Success.

Experience an Evocative blend of Mind, Body & Emotion.

Combine the superb learning from NLP with the  powerful ‘Wisdom of the Body’ evolved from the mysteries of the martial arts , blend with the new ‘Secrets of Presence’ and we experience and embody the ‘Wonder of Leadership’  and its skills, elegance and transformational qualities.

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14th June 9am – 12pm Foxhills Golf & Country Club, Ottershaw, Surrey KT16 0EL

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Learn the secret art of conversations that stimulate change… fuelled by responsibility. The decisions made to steer an organisation through this most unpredictable, fast moving and impatient business environment aren’t the ones that transform morale, increase energy, liberate talent, set innovative thinking free and engage everyone wholeheartedly in the business of the business. Those often yearly big decisions are essential to set the course through the environment. However, to take the people on your business adventure – to experience the highs and lows, to transform the challenges and become heroes; it’s the dozens of daily small decisions and conversations by the leaders that engage the energy of the people. These leadership conversations which determine the excitement, the motivation and the commitment are the driving force for increased productivity, quality, service and loyalty. The Workshop: Join RA on this practical, fast paced workshop and learn how to have conversations that awaken and release more of the talent and energy of your people into your business. Move away from ‘tired’ talk to inspiring dialogue: integrate all of your people’s resources – best thinking, actions and emotions and tap into passion, inspiration and motivation.

When a leader finds new and more powerful ways of having leadership conversations, not just conversations, they develop credibility and presence and inspire others to see possibility: they see people stepping into their talent and leading their lives, moving from a full to a fulfilling life. Click here to book your place

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