Our Embodiment Model


RA’s expertise combines wisdom drawn from Leadership, NLP and the mystery of the Martial Arts. We know that our learning is only effective when it is embodied in action. We’re experts at designing programmes that engage the whole person in the learning to facilitate change and growth.

When we can combine our best thinking, our appropriate emotions and a congruent body into a cohesive whole, we are able to Embody Leadership. Our thoughts determine how we respond to a situation and the emotions that result. Our emotions determine how our brain behaves in terms of what chemicals it releases in to our system. What is less well-know is that how we hold our body also has an impact on the brain; our posture and our breathing both have an impact on how we feel and how we’re perceived.

Our model illustrates how these elements come together to create Embodied Leadership: the results – increased authenticity, influence, awareness, confidence and presence.

Knowledge itself will never be enough – understanding that water will quench your thirst does not quench your thirst. Understanding leadership does not make you a leader.

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