Releasing Leadership at Every Level

The Logical Levels Model for Business

The concept of ‘logical levels’ was first developed by Gregory Bateson a British anthropologist and philosopher. Bateson believed that all systems could be represented by a hierarchy of levels of classification. Each step up in the hierarchy was at a higher level of classification and was general enough to include the level beneath it. Bateson applied this theory to learning, change and communication.

Robert Dilts a prolific author and developer in the field of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), was a student of Bateson. Dilts has taken Bateson’s idea further by relating levels of processing to the nervous system and learning, change and performance.

RA have further developed the logical levels model to incorporate a business context and application.Leadership is about influence and is available to everyone, regardless of the position they hold in an organisation. Our unique Alignment Coaching methodology applies this philosophy in a simple step by step process. Based on the Neuro- Logical Levels model, it helps individuals to access energy, create focus and identify appropriate action, whatever their role in the business. Through releasing previously unavailable resources and creating leadership conversations that make a difference, performance is improved, measurable actions agreed and coaching becomes a natural way of behaving.

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