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Beyond Technique

In today’s challenging and fast paced business environment, success is built upon our ability to inspire and influence others and build secure, sustainable relationships – fast. There are a number of powerful techniques that help create gravitas, confidence and authority in the way we communicate, whether they are one to one or one to many situations. These skills have to be practiced and embodied in the individual’s personal style to generate a congruent and believable message.

The body of a leader

It’s not enough to learn with our minds; we need to engage our bodies, our thinking and our emotions in our learning – allowing the developing skills to emerge through our posture, our movement and our conversations. First impressions are vital: they’re are often made before we speak, so the body becomes the most powerful message and needs to communicate our intent, evoke confidence and have impact.

RA – bringing influence to life

RA are experts at bringing leading edge principles and techniques from the powerful technologies of human development- leadership, NLP & Karate-do, into a classroom or coaching environment and making the learning stick. Small groups, personal feedback, real time practice and a ‘no failure’ mentality help you get fast learning and immediate results.

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“The fact that I can remember and apply so much that you taught me is a result of your training skills, but also a testament to the belief you have in teaching and sharing knowledge. A hearty thank you to you!” – Programme Manager Technology Co.

Influence Training Workshops


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