Leading with NLP

Unlocking your potential and helping others to do the same

NEW! 2.5 day NLP Wonder of Leadership Workshop 4-6th September Surrey

RA consultants focus decades of NLP experience into an intensive 3-5 day development programme that will blast through your barriers and make your leadership aspirations a reality. By revealing to you the keys that unlock your own innate talents, abilities and motivation, you will be able to overcome the habitual ways of thinking and behaving that inhibit your performance and stifle your potential.

You will also learn to recognise and intervene in the limiting patterns of thinking and working in the people around you – so that you can provide them with the leadership, coaching and feedback that they will need to fulfil their own hopes and dreams.Learning that makes the exciting journey from mind to muscle

Our Leading with NLP programme is not just about providing an intellectual understanding of a collection of tools and techniques. It is more about awakening participants to the limitless possibilities that present themselves when NLP becomes a way of thinking.  By engaging the whole person in the learning <click here for our embodied approach> individuals walk away from the programme confident that they can use new ways of working in real life and in real-time by:

• Motivating and inspiring themselves and their colleagues

• Communicating with power and clarity

• Influencing others

• Resolving conflict

• Removing the barriers that prevent growth and change

• Building powerful, high performance cultures

• Ensuring that they can achieve an optimum state of mind (and body!) on demand.

Our pedigree

Having trained around the globe with the world’s best NLP pioneers, RA have continued to push the boundaries of what’s possible using this exciting and life-changing way of thinking and being. As executive coaches and leadership consultants we demonstrate the power of NLP to create lasting and beneficial change in individuals and organisations. As trainers we can pass on our experience and learning to help you successfully apply NLP principles in your own business and personal life.

Click here: NLP Wonder of Leadership Workshop to find out more.


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