Modelling Success

Improving performance without increasing resources

Have you ever wondered how the consistent high performers in your team achieve their results?

There is an abundance of knowledge, skill and experience available in your organisation, if only you could find a way of capturing it. The R&A Experientia™ modelling methodology gives you a way of doing just that.

We can break down high performance into discreet components that can be explained, shared and replicated across the team.  Abilities, Beliefs, Strategies, Emotions and Behaviours are all analysed so that your high performers can understand what they do and how they do it.

We often find that this information is not normally accessible to these individuals as it’s:  ‘Just what I do!’

Developing the team from the inside out

After a process of self-assessment, structured interviews, critique, review and testing, you will have a clear model of what it takes to extend the success of your high performers to everyone in the team. This is true in Sales, Operational, Service and Creative environments.

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Experientia Model™- The Benefits:

• Base-line performance is increased across the team

• On the job coaching needs become obvious

• There are clear criteria for promotion

• ‘High potentials’ can be groomed for their next role

• Successful recruitment becomes easier, as evidence-based interviewing is precise

• Training programmes can be targeted to exactly the areas needed

• Performance trends can be analysed, as external factors affect the application of the model.

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