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Coaches Must Master Energy

There is a new imperative for coaches – and that is to help leaders and managers understand how to release the energy of their people and their teams. I’m talking here about that sort of energy that’s characterised by people’s full engagement in work, by the momentum that becomes apparent when employees bring a positive attitude to work, and by the vibrancy that exists within an organisation when energy is flowing freely. Indeed, it is my contention that there is nothing as important to a leader as their awareness of energy and their ability to help that energy to flow. … More

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Leadership Energy: Healthy High Performance with Colin Reeve

Colin Reeve describes what is required to realise Healthy High Performance – for the individual, team and organisation. He goes on to describe the four levels of energy available to everyone and how to engage them. Go to www.raconsultancy.com for more information Category: EducationUploaded by: leadershipRAHosted: youtube

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