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The Leadership Imperative

The results of a recent global leadership forecast conducted by DDI that surveyed  more than 2,600 organisations, make a compelling and unavoidable case for developing a culture of skilled leaders at every level in an organisation. The Facts: Organisations with the highest quality leaders were 13 times more likely to outperform their competition in key bottom line metrics such as financial performance, quality of products and services, employee engagement and customer satisfaction Only 6% of organisations that rated their leadership as poor were in organisations that outperformed their competition versus 78% of organisations rating their leadership quality as excellent who … More

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The Wonder of Leadership

Transforms Organisations, Leaders and Followers Over 30 years as a Leadership Consultant working with many different people in many different organisations and in many different countries.  I’m still I’m in awe of those who develop and practice the habits of leading and the absolutely outstanding results they achieve. I think first we should distinguish between business and strategic leadership and the leading of people to outstanding performance and into a state of possibility. The decisions made to steer an organisation through this most unpredictable, fast moving and impatient business environment are not the ones that change morale, increase energy, liberate … More

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Leadership Conversations – Part 3 of 3

Leadership is Embodied For many of us Leadership is most obviously needed in formal situations – presentations, team meetings and appraisals. For example, when presenting we probably spend a long time ensuring that our slides are really slick and that we know exactly what to say. Unfortunately, most people will not take much notice of all of this preparation. What they’ll be noticing is whether they find you credible, convincing and compelling. They’ll be making this judgement, not based on what you say, but about how you say it and who you are while you’re saying it! This will also … More

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Leadership in Every Conversation – Part 2 of 3

Leadership is about possibility Going back to Bill and Julie at the coffee machine, what do we talk about? Well, we can talk about what they’ve been doing recently, what they’re about to do and about how it feeds the picture of success that we then paint together. We link the resources at their disposal to the relevant skills they have. We create a bond between their values and the purpose of the team. It’s no accident that the word ‘Vision’ relates to something that you can see! So every conversation is an opportunity to lead a colleague, a member … More

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Leadership in Every Conversation – Part 1 of 3

Leadership in every conversation: When we were children at school, we were taught about the great leaders in history and we learned how these special individuals managed to change the world through their actions. At that time very few of us will have put ourselves in the same category as these amazing people…  and yet most of us now find ourselves in leadership roles: in our families, our communities and our organisations. But I’m not a leader So how do we learn to see ourselves as leaders? An easy thing to do is to replace the judgement ‘special’ and replace … More

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