Embodied Leadership:Truth in Action

An extraordinary leadership metaphor
One of RA’s distinctions is the learning gained through the practice of Karate-do, a martial art which has proved to be an extraordinarily powerful metaphor for how leaders and teams can engage their mind, body and emotion to realise excellence and release energy and potential. Karate-do helps people develop physical and emotional alignment. RA consultants are experts in helping organisations, leaders and teams develop authenticity and create ecological change. When people are able to combine and focus their full wisdom:their intellectual, emotional and physical intelligence, they are able to drive their performance to an extraordinary level.

The Body of  Leader

Whether you begin to work from the inside (your thinking, beliefs and attitudes) or from the outside (posture, breathing and the physical space you take up), we know that one affects the other and both will create positive change that greatly enhances the impact you have in your relationships and ultimately, your effectiveness.

Whilst you need to get ‘more from less’, the application of practice derived and developed from the martial arts significantly develops the individual, stirring them to action, tapping into their motivation and releasing their energy.

One Arrow, One Life
Perhaps what appeals most about Karate-do is that it promises to help people give more of themselves and get more from themselves. In a world where it is all too easy to feel driven by a series of tasks this can feel like a revelation. ‘One arrow, one life’ is a Karate-do saying which reminds us that with intense focus we can break through self-limiting patterns of thinking and behaviour and commit to our own dreams of success.

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